Culture on the Corridor

If only we had a beach…

The culture of Manchester has artistic, architectural, musical, sporting, theatrical and creative breadth, comparable to any significant international city.

20th century broadcaster and social commentator Brian Redhead once said of the city, “Manchester … is the capital, in every sense, of the North of England, where the modern world was born. The people know their geography is without equal. Their history is their response to it”. Or as Ian Brown of the Stone Roses put it, “Manchester has everything except a beach”.

Yes ’Manchester is the beating cultural heart of Britain’ The Observer, July 2007. And as the city embarks on the 4th Manchester International Festival, talent continues to be attracted to the city of firsts.

The Corridor is home to some of Manchester’s most iconic and forward-thinking cultural destinations. Cornerhouse is a leading international centre of innovation and ideas for cinema and contemporary visual art; they don’t just play films – they create an environment that inspires, influences and informs audiences, artists and filmmakers. Contact is the national contemporary theatre that places young people’s decision-making and leadership at the heart of everything. Young people 13+ work alongside staff throughout the organisation. The result is a remarkable, diverse and exciting programme for everyone. The Royal Northern College of Music is a forward-thinking, internationally-acclaimed conservatoire that attracts some of the world’s most distinguished teachers, performers, conductors, composers and scholars.

Yet, the Corridor is also home to some of Manchester’s more quirky and interesting music venues – The Deaf Institute and Manchester Academy to name but two.

To learn more about the Corridor’s cultural destinations, launch the Explore the Corridor Interactive Map and select Culture on the Corridor.

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